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Car rental marrakesh

Car Rental

You need a car to go on weekends or holidays, the car rental is then an economic alternative and adapted to your needs.

4x4 rental in Marrakech

4x4 Rental

Maybe you are looking for a 4x4 all-terrain vehicle to conquer the Great South of Morocco, to the famous dunes of Merzouga or for discoveries.

Minibus rental in Marrakech

MiniBus Rental

You are numerous or small group to go on excursion or circuit in Morocco, kaloum because you propose mini buses from 6 to 17 places well equipped and comfortable.

Long term car rental

Long Term Car Rental

If you are a company or a private individual, the long-term rental is for anyone wishing to regularly replace their car every two, three or four years.

Discover a car rental agency like no other!

Our car rental agency in Marrakech, is an agency in full expansion. And for good reason, we have long understood the major problem of the car rental market in Morocco. It is increasingly difficult to take over the management and possession of certain high value-added goods. The car for example is very voracious in terms of financial expenses. And some do not have the income necessary to assume the possession of a car. Yet, the automobile remains indispensable. In some situations, it is not possible to take public transport because it is a waste of time very damaging.
In addition, when you visit another city or another country, it is always more comfortable to own your own vehicle. Morocco is all the more concerned that it is a tourist country. One of the most touristic countries on the market. Not only does the country welcome tourists from all over the world, but it is also a country that is experiencing increasingly important domestic tourism. Our car rental agency in Marrakech works with two types of profiles. Tourists (national and international) but also businessmen and merchants in a hurry who need a quick turnkey solution. The main problem of our customers is simple. How to enjoy the benefits of a car, without having to take care of the constraints related to it?
Our motto, flexibility and accessibility.

Our car rental agency in Marrakech stands out from the competition, by our impressive car fleet. We have for all budgets and for all tastes. From the economy car to the luxury sedan and several SUV and SUV models. But the key is our flexibility. The formalities of rentals are fast and you can leave with your vehicle in 5 minutes chrono. We also have a VIP support service perfectly well done. Whether for a wedding or a reception, we offer you not only our vehicles, but also our advisors to guide you to the models that are most suitable for you.
Customer service always there for you.

It is thanks to our long experience in the field that we managed to create in Marrakech a full car rental agency. We are more than aware of the importance of after-sales (including a rental act). It is common for you to have questions while using our services. A breakdown or a need for assistance. We are always available to ensure that the life of our vehicles means support and assistance. Just call us at any time to have one of the car rental agency's staff at your disposal and help you solve the incident or answer your questions.
As you can see, our car rental agency in Marrakech Gueliz, develops a very elaborate range of tools to make your stay in the ocher city the most pleasant. Our true capital is you. Your satisfaction is ours. Come discover Marrakech at the wheel of one of our vehicles